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We are an experienced team of qualified engineers with welding technology doctorates. With many years of experience in laser beam or laser beam hybrid welding, we offer you our expertise.

We have access to the most modern equipment in the field of welding and testing technology. We can carry out applications with a disk laser up to a laser power of 60 kW.

As impressive and revolutionary as our technology is, the story behind it is just as interesting. Read more about the years of research into the application of magentic weld pool backing! 

Our Team

Fatma Akyel (IWE)

Fatma Akyel (IWE)

Head of Research and Development

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Dr.-Ing. Nasim Bakir

Dr.-Ing. Nasim Bakir

Head of Production

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Dr.-Ing. Ömer Üstündağ

Dr.-Ing. Ömer Üstündağ

Head of

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Dr.-Ing. Christian Brunner-Schwer

Dr.-Ing. Christian Brunner-Schwer

Managing Director
and Sales

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Our Application Laboratory

As a spin-off of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), WeldNova can offer all the services required to initiate the commercial marketing of WeldNova technologies. This includes all types of pilot tests, laboratory tests or on-site customer trials. All experimental tests are accompanied by comprehensive materials engineering tests and metallographic examinations, if required.

We can carry out tests on laser welding systems with different beam sources:

  • 16 kW, 20 kW, 40 kW and 60kW disc laser
  • 20 kW fiber laser
  • Other beam sources, e.g. diode lasers, on request

The laser chambers are equipped with external linear and rotary axes, as well as a robot.

For welding tests with pure arc processes or laser-hybrid processes, we have access to modern, fully digital arc welding systems (e.g. MSG, TIG, UP) from a wide range of manufacturers.

In the application laboratory, we can reproduce welding processes up to a seam length of 3 m. The sheet thicknesses can be individually adapted to the application.  

Yes, WeldNova can also come to your production facility with its equipment and carry out welding tests on site. In this way, you can get to know the technology directly under your conditions and convince yourself of its potential.

Absolutely, that is our claim. Our application laboratory enables us to develop individual welding solutions with our customers and test them directly in the application laboratory. After validation in the application laboratory, validation can also take place in your factory.

Our History

WeldNova combines many decades of experience in applied research and basic research in welding technology. The team passionately pours this know-how into innovative welding solutions. WeldNova's core technology allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible in the welding industry.

WeldNova is a spin-off of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). The technologies marketed by WeldNova are the result of extensive basic research in Division 9.3 "Welding Technology", under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Rethmeier. During this time, the electromagnetic weld pool backing has become what it is today: a highly effective tool for manipulating the melt.

Mr. Üstündağ and Dr. Bakir, together with Dr. Gumenyuk, have made a significant contribution to bringing this technology to the stage of application readiness at BAM in recent years. Mrs. Akyel, who has extensive experience gained at the ISF RWTH Aachen University and Mr. Brunner-Schwer, an alumnus of the Fraunhofer-Institute IPK, bring together additional expertise in the field of welding technology.

Thanks to its close ties with BAM and the combination of academic know-how and practical application experience, WeldNova has positioned itself as a highly specialized company for welding technology and welding processes. The company benefits from the extensive expertise of its team and its close partnership with top-class research institutions in Germany.

Christian Brunner-Schwer